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Our Philosophy

At Diverse K9 Training, our goal is to deliver results to every family who comes through our program. We chose the word “diverse,” for our name because we use diverse methods. No two dogs are the same. Very much like children, they all learn at a different pace, using different techniques. We are open minded to all styles and procedures that may help a dog progress. 


We are educated with a broad base of training methods and techniques, and this helps us to prescribe the perfect customized training plan for each individual dog we work with.

We hope to establish clear means of communication between the owner and their dog, as communication is essential to understanding and respecting a relationship with your dog! We strive to train dogs to be confident in all that they do. Confident dogs are happy dogs, which in turn creates happy owners.


We build a relationship with each dog, additionally, we build relationships with the owners as well! We believe that it is imperative that dog owners are aware of the maintenance that comes with training a dog. By working closely with owners, we are ensuring the permanence of the training by demonstrating how to be consistent in every day life. Our hope for each dog is that they will not only gain comprehension of the acceptable behaviors to perform, but they will enjoy making better choices! We set dogs up for success both in the home, and in the public.

Good Habits

We believe in creating good habits that benefit both the human, and the dog. We want owners to experience the best possible life they can with their pet. Off leash freedom ,engaged listening, obedience, peaceful walks, whatever your goal for your dog is - we believe that we can help you achieve it.

DK9 On the Map

We are so lucky to be connected with dogs and their owners from all over. Our clients have come from: 

  • North Carolina

  • South Carolina

  • Georgia

  • Connecticut

  • Rhode Island

  • New Jersey

  • Kansas

  • Kentucky

  • Texas

  • Arizona

  • Arkansas

  • California

  • Washington

  • Ohio

  • Virginia

  • West Virginia

  • Ontario, Canada

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