Raising Diverse K9's is a service dog          raising and training program dedicated to working directly with owners to find their dream prospect. We offer professional      

 and reliable psychiatric and medical alert  service dogs. Becoming a service dog      handler is a huge lifestyle change. It is a financial commitment, as well as a large investment of time. Service dogs are not pets, but working medical equipment.     

Our service dog program is an intensive multi week program spanning the first year of the dogs life. After they have completed their training, both dog and handler must pass several proficiency tests. Following completion of the training and tests, teams will be required to do bi-weekly lessons. Our lifetime support sets service dog teams up for success!

Our Service Dog program is unique due to our ability to work directly with both rescues and reputable breeders. By working hand in hand with owners we are able to work with their needs to find the perfect prospect. Not every one has the financial privilege to purchase a well bred dog. There are MANY dogs in rescue with huge potential to be working dogs, and that is why we are passionate about offering this opportunity. We work closely with Angelas Ark, Union County Humane Society, and many others.