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Board & Train

If you are looking for fast track training… look no further! Our board and train program is designed to fully immerse your dog into a new, structured lifestyle. Board and train is the perfect option for families who have tight schedules. The multi-week program is ideal for getting through the initial teaching phase so that your dog comes home ready to apply their new knowledge to everyday life. We customize a plan for each individual dog because all dogs are different! Your priorities are our priorities. Our board and train program guarantees a lifetime of support. Once you have completed our program you have access to free follow up lessons and group classes for the life of the dog.


Our board and train program is operated inside our home. No cold kennel runs where your dog may experience fear and loneliness. Your dog will be learning the appropriate behaviors in the perfect scenario - a warm and loving home. Because this program is in-home, we can provide around the clock care. We set a consistent routine which includes loads of training each day.


For the training to be permanent, the owners must commit to practicing regularly with their dogs. On pick up day we relay the necessary information to maintain the training. Families will go home with a binder containing all of the information they need, including usage of tools, rewards, etc.


Each client will receive a follow-up session one to two weeks after their board and train. During this follow up families can ask all questions, and express any concerns they may have. We will go over all the new skills the dog has learned to make sure everything is on track. Clients can schedule additional sessions if needed.


Our board and train program is non-refundable. However, we will continue sessions with your dog until you are satisfied with their progress. We believe in the power of perseverance. 

For more information visit our programs page or contact us!

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