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All our gear secrets! Our favorite brands and recommendations for the highest quality and best-looking dog gear.

I am an avid collector and passionate about quality dog gear. When I entered the dog community, I really didn’t know anything about gear, so I just had the basic PetSmart collars and leashes on my dog. I had my eyes opened to good quality dog gear and its benefits, so I wanted to share my favorite gear companies and recommendations of gear that I personally own and love.

Angry Melon Gear


Instagram: @angrymelongear

Angry Melon Gear is owned by Stephanie and has some of the best customer service and quality when it comes to custom collars.

Top recommended product: Embroidered collars. Their embroidered collars are thick, heavy-duty, and washable, all at very affordable prices. Along with custom embroidery, they have the ability to add velcro so you can order custom patches. If you guys have seen my black patch with the neon green stitching that says “Don't fucking pet”, that was purchased through Angry Melon Gear - so we love their support on aggressive customization.

K9 Tactical Gear


Instagram: @k9tacticalgear

K9 Tactical Gear has some of the highest quality collars that are built for both adventurous pets and working dogs. They offer great color and customization options on patches for your growing collection.

Top Recommended Product: Leather Leashes. K9 Tactical Gear leather leashes are high quality and some of the best out there.

Make sure to check out their limited edition glow-in-the-dark patch before it’s gone!

Edgear K9


Instagram: @edgear.k9

Handmade right in my home state of NC, Edgear K9 is my go-to for biothane leashes and they also sell collars, e-collar straps, and more.

Top Recommended Product: Biothane Leashes. These waterproof, stink-proof, scratch proof leashes are perfect for every dog owner. Customizable with almost endless colors and options, these are lightweight and flexible. Each of our board & train dogs goes home with an Edgear K9 leash and pet owners love them.

Dino Dog Gear

Instagram: @dinodoggear

Looking for heavier biothane products? Dino Dog Gear is my go to for incredible quality sturdy biothane.

Top recommended product: Biothane Harness. The quality of Dino Dog Gear biothane is unmatched. Biothane is hard to work with, so the fact that they can create a sturdy, durable and attractive harness is impressive. The harness orders are not opened very frequently, so be sure to watch closely to get your hands on one of these!

Paws and Arrows


Instagram: @pawsandarrows

My dogs model for them, and their bandanas are phenomenal and high quality. They are stiff and hold their shape and look beautiful with seasonal and fun and unique prints.

If you buy 2 or more use the code KAZE10 to get a discount.

Service Dog or In-Training Vests and Gear

The Rasberry Fields


Our go-to for service dog or in-training vests. Curtis, the owner, offers top-notch customer service and the gear quality is customizable. They offer a quick turnaround and true custom embroidery on great quality vests for service dogs or just an adventurous dog in training!



We have never been disappointed with a vest or leash wrap over from this Etsy shop. They offer custom and affordable leash wraps in every design and thread color you could imagine at affordable rates.

You can also join their FB group “Friends of Patience and Love Embroidery” to find second-hand gear for sale!

Amazon Recommendations

If you are anything like me, you also have an Amazon addiction. Amazon is a great place to get dog gear. Below are a few recommendations for products I have tried and loved.

Elite Spanker Harness


Long Line/Leash

Dog gear is fun to collect, but quality is also important for the health and safety of your dog. You don’t always have to spend a lot of money to get high quality gear, so make sure you are doing your research and getting gear that fits your dog and is relevant for the lifestyle you and your dog are living!