Service Dogs

Every member of the DK9 team is a disabled service dog handler. Our program is designed by people who understand. 

Considering a service dog to mitigate your disability is a great addition to your treatment plan. Whether it be a service dog for psychiatric disabilities, medical alerts and responses, etc., a service dog can be life changing. All that said, a service dog is a massive commitment of time, money, and more. Its a huge lifestyle change, and often a very difficult adjustment. 

Though we train many varieties of service dogs, we specialize in tasks for psychiatric disabilities. Lead trainer, Michele, has a certification of completion from the NePoPo school for service dog trainers where she learned extensive methods for training psychiatric service dogs. We are passionate about psychiatric service dogs for many reasons, but our personal lives being changed by owning them is the biggest. 

To get more information, contact us via text message: 704.292.8517

What to expect in the process:

⛰ Assistance in breeder selection, or evaluation of a previously acquired dog 

​⛰ Basic + Advanced obedience foundations

⛰ Public access training 

⛰ Task training 

⛰ Lifetime support 

⛰ Support & frequent updates throughout the program 

⛰ Education of service dog laws & etiquette 

⛰ Full handler transition immersion

What it includes:

⛰ All obedience 

⛰ Public access training 

⛰ Agreed upon tasks (started) 

⛰ Gear: vest, collar, leash, long line, etc. 

⛰ Training equipment 

⛰ Treat pouch

⛰ Custom ADA cards

⛰ Custom "go home" binder

⛰ Official letter proving training 

⛰ Hotel door hanger 

⛰ Canine Good Citizen test 

Add on package:

optional at $250

⛰ Additional vest 

⛰ Bandana with DK9 logo

⛰ Service dog backpack 

⛰ Travel mat 

⛰ Service dog car decal 

⛰ Airplane/Taxi chew 

⛰ Leash wrap 

⛰ Traffic lead